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   multboot.h - MultiBoot header definitions.

#ifndef _MULTBOOT_H
#define _MULTBOOT_H

#define     MB_MAGIC    0x1BADB002

#define     MB_FL_PGALIGN     1                 /* Align boot modules on page */
#define     MB_FL_MEMINFO     2                 /* Must pass memory info to OS */
#define     MB_FL_KLUDGE      0x10000                 /* a.out kludge present */

struct tMultiBootHeader {
    unsigned      Magic;
    unsigned      Flags;
    unsigned      Checksum;
    unsigned      HeaderAddr;
    unsigned      LoadAddr;
    unsigned      LoadEndAddr;
    unsigned      BSSendAddr;
    unsigned      Entry;

#define     MB_DEFAULTLOADADDR      0x110000    /* Default loading address */


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