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/* rdfload.h      RDOFF Object File loader library header file
 * The Netwide Assembler is copyright (C) 1996 Simon Tatham and
 * Julian Hall. All rights reserved. The software is
 * redistributable under the licence given in the file "Licence"
 * distributed in the NASM archive.
 * See the file 'rdfload.c' for special license information for this
 * file.

#ifndef _RDFLOAD_H
#define _RDFLOAD_H

#include "rdoff.h"

typedef struct RDFModuleStruct {
  rdffile   f;    /* file structure */
  unsigned char * t, * d, * b; /* text, data, and bss segments */
  long            textrel;
  long            datarel;
  long            bssrel;
  void *    symtab;
} rdfmodule;

rdfmodule * rdfload(const char * filename);
int rdf_relocate(rdfmodule * m);


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